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Hyper-local platforms empowering businesses to reach, connect, and engage with their customers.

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Helping Local Businesses Succeed

Urban Local’s platforms are designed to empower local businesses through customizable business listings with built-in SEO, customer engagement features, business software tools, and marketing services.

TAGFI powers Urban Local Platforms

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✓ Local Branded Platforms:  Urban Local Platforms are branded and hyper-targeted for each region, enabling businesses to reach a local audience.

✓ Customer Engagement: Businesses can activate their listing on the local platforms to communicate with thier target customers and respond directly via in-app messaging all integrated with thier CRM. Businesses can post offers, events, and articles about their business to amplify thier web presence and search optimization.


✓ Partner Affiliates: Businesses can launch hyper-targeted marketing campaigns based on geography and affiliation via our extensive network of communities, organizations, nonprofits, bloggers, and influencers.

Learn more about Urban Local platforms. 

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