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Need Help Growing your Community? 

TAGFI's Got You Covered! 

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TAGFI provides everything you need to activate and run a thriving digital community.

Email Marketing Services: Give us your email list and we will set up a campaign to invite your members to your group

Data Aggregation Services: Tell us about your target audience and we will aggregate the data for you

DM Marketing Services:  We can direct message invite your members on your social media group 



Email Marketing Services starting @$500

You provide valid emails and we will run invite campaigns 

  • We will verify & clean your emails  

  • Customize invite templates 

  • Set up the invite email campaigns 

  • Send 1 email invite per campaign

  • Provide reports on open rates, clicks 


Data Aggregation Services starting @$1000

Who do you want to invite to your community?

Tell us about your target audience and we will aggregate the data on community members who may be interested in joining your community.

We aggregate by location, industry, job title, or interest

Please note, that we do not sell the data, we will only aggregate the data to be used in conjunction with our email invite services 

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Direct Messaging starting @$500

Want to Invite Your Group from your Social Media Group?

Talk to us about your group and members.

We can send direct messages to invite your members to your new platform or group powered by TAGFI

Prices start at $500 for every 20K direct messages to your members

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