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Empower Your Community and Generate Multiple Streams of Revenue 

Nonprofit Organizations

Your Community Marketplace acts as an extension of your website to activate:

  • Community Engagement & Resources Platform

  • Grow Supporters:  Your network can join the community but will quickly upgrade to unlock digital access, content  & networking opportunities 

  • Marketplace Revenue: Businesses upgrade to get featured in your Digital Marketplace 

  • Sponsorship Revenue: Partner brands get an elevated ROI through featured banner ads & featured posts

Interested in our "Sponsor a Community" multi-media co-branded program? We can leverage your existing sponsors or you can choose from our growing list of sponsors. We've helped 100's of organizations generate new sponsorship revenue.

Sign up with TAGFI, engage your community, and start earning multiple streams of revenue.

Talk to us about our "Sponsor a Community" program.

You already have supporters who love your community  

But did you know that you could be providing your community members with more value and generating multiple revenue streams from sponsorships and advertising opportunities?

Your Sponsors are looking for a way to reach community members at their points of passion to spark more relevant and deeper connections with their consumers. Online communities have emerged as an ideal channel for this interest-based marketing approach. 

Is your organization digital yet?

Get TAGFI's community engagement and monetization plugin

Enjoy Engagement and Monetization features like: 👤 Collect Donations💲Sell Ads & Sponsorship📅 Sell Event Tickets  💳 Process Payments📺 Store Resources & Videos  🗳️ Create Polls   📤 Automate Invitations😀  Add Moderators    📊 Reports & Analytics 🖥️ Desktop access 🖥️ Connect to your website 📱 Mobile TAGFI App 🔊 Interactive Feed 💬 Messaging & Chat 🎧 Audio chat & livestream  📧 Email Automation 🔔 Push Notifications

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Collect Donations,  Marketplace, & Ads Revenue

Collect donations on our system or yours. Supporters will automatically unlock digital access or promotional benefits.  Give your sponsors a more significant ROI. 

Engage & Empower your Community Members

Provide supporter value with content, networking & event access, posts, polls, events, live stream, resource & video library, and member-to-member discounts!  

Invite, Automate, and 

Grow Fast 

Our easy-to-use invite features bring your community together on your platform.  We also offer upgraded marketing services too!

Digitize & Grow Your Community

Join 100s of Nonprofit leaders Succeeding with TAGFI 

Jack Bradsahw.jpg

Jack Bradshaw

President & CEO

NET Chamber of Commerce 

"TAGFI is a game-changer. Our business community loves the web and mobile app. We gained 100 new members in the first week of launch!”


Recent Success Stories

Randy Peers 1.jpeg

Randy Peers

President & CEO Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce 

"For the Chamber of Commerce, TagFi is a new way of doing business and interacting with our members. It’s a way to engage them through technology that’s really going to the wave of the future.”



Charles Debow

"TAGFI's software is powerful. We deployed the web and mobile app for our Black business community and have been able to attract thousands of new members, and dozens of new sponsors. We've generated $30K of sponsorship revenue this year."

- Charles Debow, Vice President of The National Black Chamber of Commerce

Book a 15-Min Call to Learn More 

Empower Your Community & Earn Multiple Streams of Revenue 

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