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Meet Select 

The Card for the Next Generation

A Private membership community that provides access to exclusive events, perks, and pricing at over 1.6 million premier partner locations

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Omega Car Care

Omega Auto Care pays the bill when your vehicle’s covered parts and systems break down. Keeping your car beyond its factory warranty makes good financial sense, unless expensive repair bills end up being more than your monthly car payment. That’s where we can help, picking up where your factory warranty leaves off. It’s Protection and Financial Security for you!

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CMP Jobs 

The only place in the world where you will find Real-Jobs in Real-Time 

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Protect My Car

Protect My Car is changing the game. We call it The PMC Way. We’re setting a new standard in the extended car warranty industry with two key benefits that set us apart: Our best-in-class customer service team and our hassle free, in-house claims process. What makes PMC different is we take care of you from start to finish – no third parties, no run around.

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