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Why Your LinkedIn Group Has More Potential Than You Think

Running a successful LinkedIn group comes with a lot of great benefits— More than just the ability to connect with like-minded professionals from around the world.

But if you’re not tapping into the resources and benefits that come with having a thriving community at your fingertips— and the insights that take just a bit of strategy to uncover— you’re missing out on some of the best aspects of community management.

As a LinkedIn group leader, you have access to three group-growing benefits worth maximizing:

  • Free group marketing. In a healthy and well-connected community, satisfied members tend to invite others to join. As your group grows, this organic marketing will begin to happen without prompting, complicated tactics, or extra effort on your part. People are 84% more likely to trust a referral from a friend or coworker with personal experience, so communities (on LinkedIn or other community engagement platforms) that provide consistent value are able to achieve quick member acquisition with lower marketing costs.

  • High retention rates. People crave being a part of a community, whether it’s personal or professional. The fear of missing out on community or benefits drives many people to join groups like online networking communities, special interest groups, and nonprofit initiatives. That same motivation makes these high-value communities hard to lead. And the more they grow, adding content, events, and networking opportunities in the process, the more “sticky” they become.

  • Access to the most accurate source of data– member conversation. As the leader of your online group, you see the conversations, reviews, feedback, and engagement of your members in real time. That gives you access to top-quality, accurate data. With these insights, you can determine what events, resources, offers, and promotional opportunities would best benefit your members.

It takes a bit of strategic effort to develop a healthy online group— and make the most of its benefits— but the positive results are undeniable. Online groups that create or tap into community are positioned for significant organic growth, strong membership retention, and happier members.

Want to learn more about launching your own interactive marketplace community?

On LinkedIn, group leaders have limited access to these three essential benefits. But by launching your own dedicated community space, you can tap into greater connections, more revenue potential, and better data.

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