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Promote your products, services, offers, and events

Reach more of your target audience with a Marketplace Business Listing on TAGFI — and showcase the best your business has to offer.


✓ Promote Your Business

✓ Reach more customers

✓ Generate new revenue

Want to reach more of your target audience?

Social media ads are becoming increasingly costly and ineffective

It’s hard to reach a big group of your ideal customers, especially if they have niche interests

Search engine optimization strategies are complicated and constantly changing 

Your target audience wants to hear from you. So how will you reach them?

At TAGFI, we put businesses in front of their target audiences using our industry-leading membership marketplace software. If you want to reach more of your ideal customer, just choose a group and get listed in both the group marketplace and the platform marketplace! 

Why list your business in our Marketplace?

We host hundreds of groups and thousands of members on our special-interest platforms— and every group has an exclusive Marketplace.


When you list your business in the Marketplace for any one of our growing groups, you gain instant access to the attention of a niche audience— like fitness communities, B2B leaders, entrepreneurs, and more! Your listing will also automatically get listed in the main platform marketplace 


List your own products, services, discounts, and offers in any group Marketplace

Host your own free or paid events to expand your brand awareness and generate greater revenue

Access a targeted audience of engaged members and Increase traffic to your website, sales page, lead generator, or social media channels


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Every Business Marketplace Member unlocks:

An exclusive business listing in a group’s Marketplace and the main platform

The opportunity to promote your products, services, discounts, and special offers to an audience of hundreds or thousands of group members

Access to our event hosting software — host your own free or paid events in the TAGFI marketplace!

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1. Choose your group
At TAGFI, we host hundreds of groups on our interest-based platforms. Choose a platform, then join any group to get started. Or talk to TAGFI about your marketing goals and we'll help you reach your target audience 

2. Share your business
Once you’ve joined a group, head to the Business Marketplace signup area in the group to activate your own business profile and listing.  Your profile will list inside the group and on the main platform! Emails will be triggered regularly to members of the group to showcase our marketplace members

3. Enjoy the ROI
As a business member, you’ll get a listing in the Marketplace, email promotions to members, and the opportunity to promote your products, services, and exclusive offers, plus event hosting privileges!

Here's how it works:

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