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What Our Leaders & Influencers Are Saying


Gerald Haman

Owner, SolutionsPeople 1M+ LinkedIn Group

"I am always looking for solutions, but not partial solutions . . . I only found one company that provided what I call a total solution . . . and that led me to TAGFI.”

Eric Bassett

Founder of EB30X Fitness

EB30X had two gyms and a Facebook following when Eric deployed a TagFi Powered Web & App. Now EB30X has a thriving community with thousands of members.

Global fitness community with thousands of members who join online and in-person workouts, fitness challenges, and other in-person and digital wellness events.


Jack Bradshaw

President & CEO NE Tarrant Chamber of Commerce

"I gained a 100 new members in the first week of launching my custom-branded TAGFI platform. I love watching my community engage and grow"

Leaders Speak

Recent Success Stories


Charles Debow

"TAGFI's software is powerful. We deployed the web and mobile app for our Black business community and have been able to attract thousands of new members, and dozens of new sponsors."

- Charles Debow, Vice President of The National Black Chamber of Commerce


Eric Basset

Eric Basset of EB30X Fitness Group had 20,000 members in his Facebook group. He invited those members to his new EB30X platform (powered by TAGFI!) and he now has over 2,200 paying members at the $12/mo subscription tier. That's significant, recurring revenue and real member value! 

Engage your network, gain new members, and generate multiple streams of revenue

Take your business to a whole new level with TAGFI

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